It seemed like not one part of my body worked properly!

I came to Dr Adams the end of May 2015 for jaw pain that had gotten worse from my TMJ. I have narcolepsy and have to be on stimulants to stay awake, which make me anxious, causing me to clench my jaw. He was recommended to me by a lady at a homeopathic store in Plano. I thought I’d give him a shot. Once I met him I realized he could help me with so much more: but I had no clue HOW much more.

In June I had strep throat: he knew I did before I went to the doctor to get tested. In October my autoimmune Doctor wanted to test me for an autoimmune genetic mutation to see if I have issues “methylating” (breaking down) vitamins. Dr. Adams had already brought this up months ago that he thought I may have issues with methylation but I had no clue what that meant and didn’t really believe a chiropractor would know this…so I ignored it until my other Doctor tested it and it was positive. I was in shock. How would a chiropractor know I have strep before me? How would he know I have this mutation before the test was positive months later. Then the process started of trying to get my levels down and for my body to no longer be toxic. It helped for a few months then I was back to hurting all over and having knots all over my body and literally feeling toxic.

My autoimmune Doctor wanted to prescribe me a higher dose of methylated vitamins but I wasn’t sure about that so I went back to Dr. Adams. Sure enough he knew what my body needed. My liver and kidneys were trying so hard to flush out these toxins but were pretty much clogged and couldn’t do anymore: so basically I really was toxic. I didn’t need a “prescribed” vitamin, I needed liver and kidney help so my body could go back to working like its suppose to and continue getting rid of these toxins. Some kidney and liver vitamins and within a week I was feeling better!

My body is now functioning so much better than I am able to take 1/4 of my prescription for my narcolepsy and stay awake just fine. My doctors are in shock. Also, I had some acid reflux issues and was taking Nexium but won’t take that again. He said I most likely had too little stomach acid to begin with and we worked on increasing my normal acid levels. Lastly, I had some GI issues and couldn’t ever go to the bathroom without taking Senna the night before.

If you’re still with me reading this: I no longer take 800mg Ibuprofen daily, Nexium, or Senna. I now have a properly working body, more energy, and have lost 30 pounds all thanks to Dr. Adams, a complete God send for sure! Every time I see him I just want to hug him! He’s not just there to crack your back and neck, but is so knowledgable about how the body works and what it needs.
My husband and I have recently moved in this area and were looking for a chiropractor.  We have both used chiropractic all our lives, so we have gone to many.

We knew we had found a “jewel”, our first visit with Dr. Adams.  First of all, you don’t feel you are “rushed in” and “rushed out”.  He spends the time needed and when you leave, you feel like you have really had a treatment!  He not only gives an adjustment, but also works with your nutrition, and any other area concerning your health.  He is very knowledgeable and stays current with many methods to not only help prevent health issues, but alleviate pain.

I have had very bad burning feet for years.  They would be so hot, I would have to go to bed with ice on them before I could go to sleep.  When Dr. Adams found out about this, he immediately went to work on them.  He used several different methods.  I am thrilled to say in a very short time, I no longer go to bed with an ice pack!  My feet feel so much better!  He has worked with many other problem areas, and with equal success!

My husband and I highly recommend Dr. Adams.  He is the best we’ve ever gone to!
– Vonda

Other Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors because I have scoliosis, and Dr. Adams has been the best yet. He’s very professional, and he’s always happy to answer my long list of annoying questions.

    Lauren Parajon

    Dr. Adams and his staff are always very pleasant to see and contact for appointments. He offers therapy and looks to understand your pain or discomfort and takes time to work on it. You never feel like you are being rushed in and out the door. I have been going to this chiropractic office for over 10 years and always get seen within 5-10 minutes on my visits. I would also strongly recommend Dr. Adams because he keeps up on his professional development and continues to look for ways to improve hi

    Michael Cobaugh

    I am young, I don’t need that” or “I don’t have money for that” are some of the most common comments I get from my friends whenever we talk about health. It is truly incredible how far down in our list of priorities we would have health located. We all say we want to be healthy but so many people don’t do anything about it. I have been visiting Dr. Adams clinic and it has to be one of the best decisions in my life. It may sound exaggerated, but like I said, we truly don’t realize

    Mauricio Fagoaga

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